Structure and Membership

Member list

The structure of the CUC is based on a federated model. Membership consists of organisations (represented by authorised personnel of that organisation) that subscribe to the mission statement, aims and functions of the CUC.

By initiating the formation of the CUC, founding members agree on the criteria and categories of memberships as follow:

  • Founding members are automatically being included in the Steering Board of the consortium, responsible for the strategy and leadership of the consortium.
  • Criteria for approval of full consortium membership are:
    • Active engagement in the development of the CUC, commit to promoting and enhancing good practice;
    • Participation in the activities of the consortium;
    • Of good reputation and influence in the respective fields within the CUC remit;
    • Contribute positively to promote the aims and functions of the CUC;
    • Organisations from countries outside China and UK are eligible to be associate members;
    • Demonstrate international reputation and influence within the CUC remit.
  • The procedure for membership approval is by voting within the Steering Board on the basis of a simple majority; Steering Board on the basis of 2/3 majority and a corum of at least 50% of Steering Committee members.
  • Full membership categories are:
    • Academic & Research Membership
    • Clinical Organisation Membership
    • Corporate Enterprise Membership
    • Non-profit organizations
  • The CUC content of the Founding Document on the structure, and the membership of the CUC will be reviewed as needed.