Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Presentations from King’s College London’s Medical Students - Report from the AcuMedic Centre, London

As the Principal Lecturer of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Student Selected Component (SSC) organised by AcuMedic Foundation for medical students at King’s College London, CMIR Chairman Professor Man Fong Mei marked the students’ oral presentations as part of their final examinations and awarded commendations for the top three students. The presentations took place at the AcuMedic Centre on 5th December 2013.



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Once again, the quality of the work delivered by students this year has been exceptionally high. Presentations covered a vast range of topics across the field of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, including Chinese cosmetology, moxibustion, Tai Chi and Qi Gong and the electrical nature of acupoints. The students’ passion for Chinese medicine and acupuncture not only as a viable, but indispensible, medical tool was clearly evident throughout their presentations.

This module has been designed to broadly introduce undergraduate medical students to the theories, diagnostics and treatment protocols of Chinese medicine and is based on the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine postgraduate diploma course provided by the Chinese Medical Institute and Register in collaboration with the AcuMedic Foundation. Through a balanced use of lectures, practical sessions and clinical case studies the module encourages students to use an evidence based approach and discuss traditional philosophies.

Professor Mei is also teaching Chinese medicine and acupuncture to medical students from St. George’s, University of London.