The 3rd World Education Congress of Chinese Medicine Report Update from Nanjing, China

The CMIR Chairman Professor Mei attended the Chinese medicine education conference convened by the Education Instruction Committee on 8th-10th November 2013.
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The agenda of this conference was to approve the content and the core curriculum of Chinese medicine and acupuncture education internationally. The aim is to harmonise the standards in China as well as around the world by using a more unified syllabus. A standardised textbook is being compiled by the Education Instruction Committee in which Professor Mei is also a Vice-Chairman.

During the conference Professor Mei was appointed as one of the vice editors of the international edition of the undergraduate textbook of Chinese medicine.

Prominent professors in China such as Professor Ye Zhu Guang, Professor Long Zhi Xian and Professor Zhang Boli all presented papers at the Chinese Herbal Medicine Conference and at the World Education Congress of Chinese Medicine.